On Loss

Hello readers –


Before you start, before you give me that look, I do have a Vikings review mostly done, nearly done. I promise. Yol is incoming. The intention to finish the season and catch up is there.


However, I know I have hinted at some real life/personal issues in the past few weeks and they have sort of come to a head, culminating in the decision for my grandfather to enter hospice care. I won’t go into the sad, dark details, because that’s not why reasonably happy blogs like mine are read, but I thought I should let you all know what is happening and why I may drop off the face of the earth (again). Life is kind of a massive black hole of unknowns now. There’s no perceivable hourglass turned on its end. There’s no stopwatch. Just the knowledge that it will happen and sooner than we had anticipated – which doesn’t make it easier (it’s never easy), nor does it offer a resemblance of comfort (all we have is the time we have left).


It goes without saying that it’s kind of made it hard to be off-the-cuff and funny, even harder to re-read the stuff I write and think this is worth publishing. Maybe, eventually, I’ll write a tear-jerker of a post about how pre-mourning doesn’t help or how grief before the person is gone is so suffocating, but that’s not tonight, it probably won’t be tomorrow.


So, tomorrow I am driving down to see the family, get some time in. Re-align. I’ll be back soon.

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