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Not Quite A Vikings Review (Or: Pre-Travel Procrastination is the Worst Procrastination)

I am deeply, earnestly sorry that I haven’t gotten the first Vikings review up for you guys yet! With my time starting Friday (to see family across the country on Saturday) and the international flight on Sunday (woohoo! I just went on a buying spree of books and reading material – could not have come at a more convenient time!), I have had to do some serious overtime at work to accommodate the impending vacation. That, paired with the last-minute things (that maybe should not have been left to last-minute, but there is a phrase about something something hindsight something something 20/20 that proves to be valid every time, but I never learn), time has simply been scarce and I really try to give my reviews a chunk of time so I can make them funny and ridiculous and to the caliber that you all have expected them. Basically, my time management is terrible and I am so sorry.

However! There is still some hope that I will be able to get to the episode before I leave on my adventure! I am going to really try to get to it just for you guys!

I have also come to a conclusion regarding reviewing, vacationing, and the headbutting schedule conflicts that come with both of those things: I will review the episodes of Vikings I missed when I get home mid-March. I have no intention of using the time I could be seeing timeless art for watching Vikings, even if I do enjoy the show, it will not be a priority. You will be able to see some photos of my adventures on instagram (@whambamthankushan – yes, even my instagram name is overly verbose) and I am thinking about doing an entry or two about my explorations (pending whether or not I bring my laptop – I am erring on the side of absorb the atmosphere of everything lovely and perfect without technology outside of my phone, but, my laptop is also insanely convenient and if I do intend on posting some paragraphs here and there of my escapades, typing on my laptop is far friendlier than my little phone), if anyone would be interested in hearing about it.

I love hearing back from all of you and hope that you aren’t too disappointed that I’m not squeezing reviews in while abroad. Regardless, I do plan on doing the reviews, they just won’t be hot off the presses. I also know that this means less people will be reading them, but even if one or two of you stick around to read them, that’s more than enough for me. You all keep me going!

Thank you for understanding!

4 thoughts on “Not Quite A Vikings Review (Or: Pre-Travel Procrastination is the Worst Procrastination)

  1. Go forth and mu…No, I mean….Go forth and have fun. Your reviews are always amusing and I’d wait well..just maybe till Hell freezes over just to read them.


  2. While I do love your reviews and will miss musing about the next few episodes when they’re “fresh”, the trip should definatly be a priority. The Vikings episodes and your readers will still be here in a few weeks when you return home. All the awesome adventures and enrichening experiences of another country will not. So grab a sword and shield and raid Italy like crazy 🙂

    Have a great trip and enjoy your time over on this side of that great pond they call the Atlantic.

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